Portable Toilets: Tips for Winter

Do you have a job site that needs to keep running all winter long, so you’re keeping your portable toilets out? Or maybe you close down the restrooms in the park but you want to keep something there just in case.

tips for winter portapotty rental in Salt Lake City

No matter your reasons for keeping a portable toilet through the winter, there are a few extra considerations during colder seasons. Take these into account and you should be able to keep everyone comfortable and safe in your portable toilet no matter how cold it gets outside.

Consider Location

In the summer, you can keep your portapotty anywhere that is out of the way but fairly easy to access. In the winter, choosing a porta potty location becomes more important. Consider the following factors:

  • Your portable toilet will need to be out of the wind. When storms come through, winds can get extremely high. You don’t want to deal with the mess of a blown-over portapotty, so make sure it’s somewhere where the wind can’t get to it.
  • Make sure your porta potty will be accessible no matter how bad the weather is. You’ll probably want it on pavement and near a walkway that gets regular traffic.
  • Put it in the sun. No one wants to use a freezing cold porta potty. Make sure it gets sun at least some of the day so that it’s warm enough for small children to use if needed. Everyone else will probably appreciate your thoughtfulness, too!

Keep it Warm

If you can’t put your porta potty rental in the sun or you did that and it’s still not warm enough, consider putting a space heater in or near the potty. You can heat the entire area or give people something that they can turn on to stay warm whenever they need to use the unit. Either way, adding comfort always raises satisfaction.

Remove the Snow

Make sure that you remove snow from around the portapotty. Test the door to be absolutely sure that it can open all the way. You’ll also want to salt or put de-icer around the entrance to the potty and, in fact, all the way around the bottom so that it doesn’t freeze to the surface it’s on. You may want to take care to remove drifts, especially if you’re using a porta potty rental. Drifts can cause damage and you don’t’ want to pay for that!

If you have further questions about keeping your portapotty in great condition this winter or you need a porta potty rental, pick up the phone or contact Waste & Water Logistics online today!