Waste & Water Logistics Services in St. George, UT

Waste & Water Logistics is proud to offer a long list of sewage and septic services to the community of St. George. Our company is dedicated to helping customers with the sewer system at their properties and to offering premium rentals for things like portable toilets and roll-off dumpsters. No matter what kind of waste management services you are in need of, our team is sure to come to your aid and handle it all.

Portable Toilet Rentals

For those in St. George who are in charge of an event, outdoor area, or a job site, make sure you offer the appropriate facilities to all who frequent it by renting portable toilets from us. We have units that are clean and hygienic, and equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Our portable toilet rentals are offered for varying periods of time, depending on how long you need to provide the accommodations.

Offering Potable Water

Waste & Water Logistics also offers services to supply potable water to anyone who needs it. There are various reasons why people require large amounts of clean water, from plumbing jobs to swimming pools to special events. We can bring in as much potable water as you need via truck and get it flowing wherever and however you want.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Just as how we offer porta-potties to rent out in St. George, we do the same for dumpsters. You can contact us about roll-off dumpster rental and we will bring an appropriately sized bin out to your property. Fill it up as needed, and then we will be back to haul it off and properly dispose of the waste when you are done. Roll off dumpster rental service is something that both homeowners, business owners, and project managers can benefit from.

Septic Tank Services in St. George

St. George property owners that have a septic system problem on their hands should leave it to a professional. We are skilled at providing a number of septic tank services, from repairing and replacing units to helping electronically locate them at properties where its whereabouts are unknown. The waste experts on staff here can also pump out the system as part of our septic tank services and in an effort to keep it clean and working well.

Drain Cleaning Experts

If a clogged drain is disrupting things at your place in St. George, reach out to our team for assistance. We offer professional drain cleaning that can clear out even the toughest and most stubborn blockages and obstacles and get things flowing as they should again.

Sewer Line Inspections

Do you suspect there may be a problem within your sewer lines? Waste & Water Logistics can do sewer line inspections with high-tech equipment to figure out what is going on deep down in your pipes. With the information we find out through sewer line inspection, we can easily decide the best way to go about remediating the issue.

Pipe Bursting at St. George Properties

A method of trenchless sewer repairs, pipe bursting is a modern alternative to having your sewer system worked on without ripping apart your entire yard in St. George. If there is an issue within your sewer that requires work, we can use pipe bursting to get the labor performed in a minimally invasive and convenient manner.

Professional Pressure Washing

You may have areas at your property that are hard to clean, but they will be no match for our pressure washing team. We are able to quickly and easily clear away all kinds of dirt, grime, and filth using high-powered jets that leave surfaces spotless. Whether you need something that is made of rock, metal, wood, cement, brick, or siding cleaned, having us pressure wash it is guaranteed to do the trick.

Get in contact with Waste & Water Logistics to learn more about the array of services we provide in the St. George area. With over 15 years in business, we are the local choice when people need septic services, pressure washing, potable water, or to rent a portable toilet or roll-off dumpster. Click here to contact us online about any waste or water services you need in St. George now!

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