Roll Off Dumpsters in Price, UT

Are you taking on a home improvement project that will require discarding large amounts of waste? Maybe you’re cleaning out your own home or someone else’s and you know there will be a lot to throw away, or you’re taking on a highway construction project with tons and tons of waste to get rid of.

At Waste & Water Logistics, we can help you meet all of your waste disposal needs with our variety of roll off dumpsters in Price, UT. We’ll help you select the size of dumpster that is right for your project, then get it to you so you can fill it. When it’s full, we’ll come pick it up and haul all of that trash away. If you need it back, we can return them and empty them as many times as you need.

Our dumpsters come in three sizes:

  • 15-yard. This is great for most home cleanup/cleanout projects as well as for many roofing projects. These fit in most residential driveways and can even hold appliances, like a washer or a stove.
  • 30-yard. These are good for multi-room home renovation projects or projects requiring a lot of demolition. They are also useful for larger roofing projects or for roofing-and-renovation jobs.
  • 50-yard. These bear-proof dumpsters work well for highway cleanup or large construction projects. We’ll empty them and bring them back as many times as you need us to so you can get your job done.

Call us at Waste & Water Logistics today for more information or to schedule your roll off dumpsters in Price, UT. We’ll make sure you have the dumpster you need whenever you need it so you can focus on getting your job done quickly and well. Schedule your dumpster today so you have one less thing on your mind!

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