High-Pressure Jet Cleaning in Orem, UT

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Do you have a stubborn sewer clog that you haven’t been able to get out? Maybe there’s a tree root growing in your sewer line or grease has built up over the years to cause a major problem. No matter the cause of your clog, high-pressure jet cleaning in Orem, UT can be a great way to remove it. Call in experts from Waste & Water Logistics today to determine whether this process is right for you and to get your sewer line cleared fast.

The High-Pressure Jet Cleaning Process

Every high-pressure jet cleaning in Orem, UT starts with a sewer line inspection. We’ll thread a camera on a flexible cable through your sewer line so we can see exactly what is going on down there and where the problem is located. This helps us evaluate your sewer line to make sure the high-pressure jet is what you need.

We’ll talk with you about all of your sewer cleaning options. High-pressure jet cleaning in only one way to remove clogs. With this method, we’ll clean your sewers from inside your home, using the same access point we used to put the camera down the line. Instead of a camera, though, we’ll use a pressurized jet of water to remove or break up any clogs in your sewer.

It might sound crazy, but high-pressure jet cleaning in Orem, UT can remove major clogs, even disintegrating tree roots! We’ll control the jet so it doesn’t damage your pipes but instead gets rid of anything blocking them. We can also use it to clean the sides of the pipes if grease or debris is starting to build up there. Most of the time, our jet leaves your pipes looking just the way they did when they were first installed!

Stop worrying about your sewer line and get it cleaned instead. When you call in the sewer professionals from Waste & Water Logistics, you can be sure you’re getting help from people who have years of experience in the business. We’ll make sure that your pipes are as clean as we can get them, that you know what’s going on every step of the way, and that you’re completely satisfied with the job we’ve done.

Call to make your appointment for high-pressure jet cleaning in Orem, UT today. We’ll get there fast and get your sewer clog taken care of soon!

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