Portable Toilets in Draper, UT

If you’re having a large event outdoors and away from buildings or you’re designing a construction site, call us at Waste & Water Logistics to ask about our portable toilet rental service in Draper, UT. We’ll help you get the bathrooms you need so that people can stay comfortable and enjoy themselves or continue their work. We offer a variety of porta potties in Draper, UT, as well as related services, so we can be sure we have what you need.

Portapotty Uses

We’ll bring porta potties in Draper, UT to you no matter where you are. We have served the following types of venues before, though we are always happy to add to the list. Consider our services for:

portapotty portable toilet rental draper ut
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Construction sites
  • Outdoor concerts and/or music festivals
  • Races or other competitive events
  • Extra bathrooms if you fear running out indoors

If you think you’ll need porta potties, call us and we’ll get you what you need to alleviate your worries so you can focus on running your site or your event well. Stop feeling anxious and call us for portapotty rental in Draper, UT instead.

Our Portapotty Rental Service in Draper, UT

When you call us for portable toilet rental in Draper, UT, you will get the following:

  • Dropoff of your toilets wherever you need them, as long as our truck can access the location
  • Arrangement of your toilets as you desire them
  • Toilets with skylights so no one is left in the dark
  • Extra toilet paper with each portapotty
  • An occupancy indicator for each portapotty
  • Ventilation in each portapotty to help mitigate odors
  • An anti-slip floor in each unit
  • Hand sanitizer for each unit

If cleanliness is a concern, you can also rent a portable handwashing station or two to help out. We can arrange to service your portapotties, too, emptying them as needed and making sure they stay as clean as you want them to.

Call us at Waste & Water Logistics today to get the porta potties you need to make your next event a success.

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